Susan Stone, BSE

Family Coach and Child Development Specialist
Susan Stone-Belton

A family coach, motivational speaker, and certified special education teacher, Susan specializes in effective parent-child communication; positive behavior management; and helping families navigate through divorce, remarriage, and step-parenting. Over the years, she has operated home-based preschools, run crisis hotlines for parents and teens, and managed a domestic violence treatment program. She has presented dozens of parenting workshops at Parents Place, including but not limited to: “Tantrum Taming for Toddlers and Twos,” “Staying Connected as Your Child Grows Up,” “Raising Responsible Children through Choices and Consequence,s” “Raising Resilient Children,” and “Discipline 101.” She also presents anti-bullying workshops to children and adults. Susan, who received her bachelor’s degree in special education from Illinois State University, is the author of a popular parenting book, “Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk.”

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