Pam Worth, MA

Parent Educator
Pam Worth

Pam Worth is the founder and director of Tiny Treks. She is a parent educator specializing in classes and seminars on healthy lifestyles for families. Pam has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Early Childhood Development from the University of Illinois and holds a Masters Degree in Education and Child Development from National University. Her uniquely effective parenting and teaching strategies were developed through 35 years of training in classroom education, parent education, teacher mentorship, and family coaching, as well as her experience as a school education specialist and a mother of four children. In 1997, Pam created Tiny Treks, a thriving adult/child outdoor-education program combining her love of nature and her expertise in child development. Pam is recognized for spearheading education on reducing media interference, helping families identify creative boundaries, and alternatives to media usage.

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