Danielle Beres, BA

Parent Educator and Child Development Specialist

Danielle has worked with children of all ages for more than two decades. After graduating from California State University, Chico, with a degree in Child Development, she spent a year in Israel, where she worked with infants in the baby house on a kibbutz, at an absorption center with newly arrived children from Russia and Ethiopia, and at a special needs preschool. She has also taught in preschools, Jewish day schools, and afternoon religious schools in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, where she specialized in Judaic studies and drama.

While she believes that there is a variety of methods and tools available to help most children, Danielle’s philosophy about parenting—both as a mother of two and as an educator—is that each child creates his or her unique world and that moms and dads often need to parent in a way that is mindful of this world. With the help of parents, Danielle enjoys figuring out families’ challenges as they pertain to sleep training, managing tantrums, healthful eating, boundary-setting, and other day-to-day issues that may require special “tricks” to arrive at happy solutions.


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