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For 35 years, Parents Place in San Francisco has been helping families thrive. Our highly experienced team of parent educators and clinicians offers parenting workshops, parent coaching and consultation, child behavior and school support, clinical and special needs services, parent/child activity groups, child and family therapy, and much more. Visit us today!

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The word “discipline” doesn’t just mean lectures, time-outs, and groundings. In this workshop, you’ll learn how parenting styles, family history, and temperament can affect how we discipline our children, as well as new strategies to help you accentuate the positive in discipline! With Mechele Pruitt, Director, Parents Place San Francisco
Email, voicemail, texting, Facebook, Twitter, technology has become ubiquitous, in our own adult lives and in the lives of our children. As a result, our level of engagement and the ways in which we socialize with one another have changed dramatically...and not without consequences. As parents, how can we effectively guide our children in safe and sane usage? Join Parents Place Director Mechele Pruitt for a timely exploration of this new parenting challenge. Mechele will cover: - how technology impacts early childhood development and social-emotional awareness - modeling the technology behaviors we want our children to adopt - how to effectively set technology boundaries With Mechele Pruitt, BA - Director, Parents Place San Francisco
The teen years are a time when children and parents are often at odds with each other. As experts put it, this is the time when kids ‘fire their parents as managers’. This natural separation occurs as:- teens develop independence and a desire for more privacy- begin to understand their place in the world- begin to work out their own values and beliefsAccording to experts in the field of adolescent development, the goal for parents at this stage is to be ‘re-hired as consultants’ by their teens. In this workshop, we’ll help you with strategies to be re-hired by your teen through:-       effective communication techniques-       optimizing planned and casual connections-       a review of current research on this critical developmental stage With Meredith Garcia, MFT [For Parents of Preteens and Teens]
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