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For 35 years, Parents Place in San Francisco has been helping families thrive. Our highly experienced team of parent educators and clinicians offers parenting workshops, parent coaching and consultation, child behavior and school support, clinical and special needs services, parent/child activity groups, child and family therapy, and much more. Visit us today!

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Learn how to prevent, manage, and respond to aggressive behaviors in young children, including hitting, biting, and grabbing. Discuss strategies and tips for managing strong emotions and moderating impulsive reactions. With... Learn More >>
Growing your family can be a big adjustment. Discuss the emotions and preparations needed for juggling the individual needs of two children. Learn strategies for before, during, and after the... Learn More >>
We live in a consequential world.  Learn about the intended and unintended consequences in disciplining your children.  Develop strategies to provide consequences that teach rather than punish. Join us for an... Learn More >>
During this workshop, you will learn how to use positive discipline to teach your children inner control, nurture their strengths, motivate them to cooperate, and build their self-esteem. With Cynthia... Learn More >>
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