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Parents Place of Marin County offers services for all parents–from workshops on all aspects of parenting to individualized services that support each child’s optimal development. We believe that thriving parents build thriving families.

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Are you struggling with your child’s challenging behaviors? Tantrums, hitting, or pushing? When children express strong emotions and difficult behaviors it gives you a great opportunity to help them work through the deeper feelings that may be underlying those behaviors. This workshop will introduce you to some simple but very effective techniques in how to listen to your child when they are feeling overwhelmed. We will cover the neuroscience behind strong emotions and learn skills to more deeply connect with your child from the Hand in Hand parenting model. You will leave this workshop with practical tips to set limits with your child and inspiration to better handle melt downs. With Robbin Rockett, Psy.D. [For Parents of Infants & Toddlers: Birth through Preschool][For Parents of Elementary School Aged Kids]
Acquire a developmental understanding of how best to support your little ones and preserve your sanity!  We will talk about setting limits, guiding behavior, developing social skills, understanding tantrums, and more.  With Bonnie Romanow, BA, Childhood Development Specialist.  [For Parents of Infants & Toddlers: Birth through Preschool]
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