Level 4 Triple P for Individual Parents

Strengthen your confidence, improve your interactions with your child, and apply new parenting skills

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Level 4 Triple P is an extensive program (approximately 10 sessions) focused on strengthening your confidence, improving your interactions with your child, and applying new parenting skills to a broad range of child behaviors, including disobedience, defiance, aggression, disruptiveness, and other challenging behaviors. It can also be particularly helpful if you and your family are dealing with the additional stress of life situations, such as financial strains, divorce and/or separation, mental illness, substance abuse, or domestic violence. Visits take place both in your home and our office and are for the adults only.

Level 4 Triple P teaches strategies to encourage your child’s social and language skills, emotional self-regulation, independence, and problem-solving ability. Attaining these skills promotes family harmony, reduces conflict between parents and children, fosters children’s successful relationships with friends, and prepares children for successful experiences at school.

Program Objectives:
• Increase your competence in managing behavior problems and developmental difficulties.
• Reduce the use of punishment in disciplining children.
• Improve your communication with your parenting partner about parenting issues.
• Reduce the stress you feel from raising children.

Program Content:
• You’ll have a chance to share comprehensive information about your parenting experiences, strategies you have used, and concerns you have about yourself and your child.
• A home visit provides a chance to get to know you in your most familiar environment as you interact with your child.
• You’ll receive an in-depth introduction to Triple P Parenting skills: developing positive relationships, encouraging desirable behavior, teaching new skills to children, and managing misbehavior.
• You’ll have the opportunity to practice new strategies, self-evaluate the results, and make changes.
• Finally, you’ll plan for ways to maintain your new skills as a parent.

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