Level 3 Triple P for Individual Parents

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Level 3 Triple P is a series of four one-hour sessions focused on positive ways to promote your child’s development, handle challenging behavior, and look after yourself as a parent. Our parent educators work with you to create a unique parenting approach best suited to you, your child, and your family. Sessions are generally at our office in Santa Rosa and are for the adults only.

Session 1: Learning about Yourself and Your Child
You will discuss your main concerns about your child’s behavior with our parent educator; review your child’s development, education, and health history; explore your family relationships and interactions; and choose an appropriate method for monitoring your child’s challenging behavior.

Session 2: Identifying the Causes of Behavior and Developing a Parenting Plan
You will review the results of monitoring your child’s behavior, discuss causes of child behavior problems, develop specific goals for change, and develop a Parenting Plan.

Session 3: Reviewing Your Parenting Plan Effectiveness
You will discuss the results of implementing your Parenting Plan, consider any obstacles to its success, fine-tune your plan, and rehearse your new skills so you can feel confident in using them at home. You will continue to monitor your child’s behavior.

Session 4: Reviewing Your Progress and Planning for the Future
You will review the results of using your new skills and your behavior monitoring, make necessary adjustments, make plans for maintaining your progress, and learn about other resources in your community.

You will be provided a Triple P Positive Parenting Booklet and Tip Sheets appropriate for your child’s challenging behavior to help you review and maintain your new skills.

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