Early Childhood Mental Health

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Our Early Childhood Mental Health Project located in Marin County works to improve the overall quality of childcare and increase the likelihood of healthy development for all children.

Since 2000, this project of Jewish Family and Children’s Services and Parents Place has trained mental health consultants and placed them at childcare centers serving low-income families with at-risk children from birth to age five. By establishing trusting, consistent relationships with childcare providers, our Early Childhood Mental Health consultants become part of the fabric of the childcare centers.

Prevention and Early Intervention

The program works with childcare providers focusing on prevention and early intervention techniques, helping them learn to identify at-risk children. By doing so, the program ensures that the children and their families receive the special assistance they need to thrive.

Here is how the program works:

  • An Early Childhood Mental Health consultant meets with the school staff and the director to provide consultation and assist in all aspects of program planning to improve the overall quality of the school’s program.
  • Activities focus on inter-staff communication and implementing developmentally appropriate practices for the children.
  • Case consultation enhances the school’s understanding, willingness to persevere, and ability to intervene effectively with a challenging child
    • The consultant observes a particular child in a school program to assess the child’s functioning and evaluate the match between the child’s needs and the school setting. The consultant also meets regularly with the staff to provide developmental guidance, interpret the meaning of the child’s behavior, suggest interventions appropriate to a group setting, and support the staff.

Help Children Learn and Grow

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