Social Skills Groups

We support children as they grow and mature interpersonally.

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Making and keeping friends doesn’t always come easily, but social skills can be learned. It takes modeling, guided play, and practice. We can help! Current groups are happening in Palo Alto and Santa Rosa and Parents Place’s experts are also available to conduct social skills groups at schools and day care centers.

Social Skills Groups

For children who are experiencing challenging social situations on play dates, in school, or on the playground, social skills groups can be transformative. Experienced group leaders provide a small and safe setting in which children feel supported in learning to interact successfully with their peers. Interactive instruction includes play, games, art, and role playing. Children gain many skills including: identifying and expressing feelings, taking turns and sharing, listening, asserting themselves positively, solving problems, and dealing with transitions.

Social Skills Group in Palo Alto: Taught by Kirk Stuepfert. In addition to informal weekly check-ins, parents will be invited for one individual parent meeting at the end of the program to review your child’s strengths and recommendations for going forward. There is an initial $95 intake interview fee. Preregistration is required by calling 650-688-3046.


“The topics and manner of teaching blew me away: positive, informative, well-paced, and understandable to a 4-year-old (and his parents). Social skills can be a sensitive topic, but these techniques and vocabulary would be helpful to any preschooler/early elementary schooler in any setting. I wish they’d teach this stuff in preschool and elementary school!”—Jeannie, Brian’s Mom

“As the social skills group with Parents Place progressed, we were so happy to find children using new language and strategies to communicate needs and engage in productive play with other children.” —Jen Aguilar, teacher at AltSchool in Palo Alto.

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