Assessments & Evaluation

We work closely with families to help you come up with a plan to address any issues of concern.

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Our Center for Special Needs offers personalized evaluations for children of all ages. We work closely with families to help you come up with a plan to address any issues of concern—whether they are learning or social challenges, sensory processing issues, ADHD, or other issues, our team of specialists can help.

Many children and parents have experienced lengthy testing protocols, but even after testing, parents often learn only that their child has a specific diagnosis and do not receive any clear guidance on what to do next.

At Parents Place, we are different. We use a unique collaborative assessment model that includes:

  • Listening to your concerns and partner with you to figure out where we can be of help.
  • Focusing on your child’s and family’s strengths and understand your child’s specific challenges and how they can best be managed or overcome.
  • Addressing your immediate concerns and offer your family a roadmap so you can confidently choose a path that is right for your family.

We do not focus only on diagnosing your child’s challenges, or recommend a full battery of tests that cost thousands of dollars, or leave your family without a plan of action. Instead, our developmental specialist will work with you and your family to develop an action plan so that you, your child, and family will feel empowered.

Your plan may include the types of screenings, observations, or tests that will be preformed (if necessary) and what we can learn from these screening tools. It will also include the benefits that can be expected from each service.

Sensitive to families’ budgets, we will always provide you clear information about your financial obligations, and we are happy to advocate on your behalf with insurance providers.

We Help Kids and Their Families Soar

At Parents Place, we understand the challenges of raising children with special needs, and we’re here to help.