With your child and other parents

At Parents Place, we believe that strong relationships benefit both parents and children. We offer many Parenting Support Groups where you can connect with others who are experiencing similar issues. We bring families together by helping parents and children connect meaningfully. Choose from our list of offerings below to find the best resources for your family. Be part of the Parents Place community!

Parent/Child Activity Groups

We help parents connect with their kids while they learn.

Parent Support Groups

Connect with other parents in one of our safe, nonjudgmental support groups.

Adoption and Post-Adoption Services

Our teams help you build a strong adoptive family.

Join Our Community

Connect with other parents and families by getting involved today.

Babies & Beyond

We offer baby groups and private consultations to help new parents with breastfeeding, baby care, sleep issues and post-partum/family adjustment.

We’re Here to Help

With workshops, counseling services, and expert resources, we’ve got the tools to help families thrive. Set up a consultation to discuss your specific situation.