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The Technology Rules Kids and Teens Wish Their Parents Would Follow

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A recent research study entitled Not at the Dinner Table: Parents’ and Children’s Perspectives on Family Technology Rules found that the majority of the 259 families studied have rules around social media and technology. It also found that only 6% of families have no rules or expectations at all about technology use. The researchers asked the same questions to the parents and children in each family and the conclusions were eye opening. This study also generated seven general rules children wished their parents would follow: Be present Given the rapid rise of different types of technology available to us today,… Continue Reading

Posted by Havi Wolfson Hall on March 1, 2018

18 Ways to Unplug as a Family

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A sleeping bag for a phone? It might sound silly, but this idea is making the rounds as a fun solution to a common family problem: Family time is being squeezed out for screen time. And, while kids are spending an astonishing 9 hours a day on electronic media, parents often need reminders as well to put the shiny devices down and engage with our families and surroundings. National Day of Unplugging, March 3 – 4 (sundown to sundown), is an idea whose time has come. Participants are encouraged to take the pledge to unplug and then continue some of… Continue Reading

Posted by Susan Sachs Lipman on February 28, 2017

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