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Does Your Young Daughter Have a Positive Body Image?

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Poor body image is epidemic among girls and women in this country: 94% of women report having a negative body image and wanting to change something about their bodies, and 98% think negatively about their bodies at least once a day. How you can ensure that your child has a healthy relationship with her body now and throughout her development? Be a Role Model How you feel about your body has direct impact on how your daughter will feel about hers. If you are constantly trying to change your body and expressing frustration, dislike, or criticism about your appearance, you… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on June 1, 2017

Powering Off: Taking a Digital Detox as a Family

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At their best modern devices are helpful tools and can make our lives easier. At their worst, they are remarkably addictive, and research now clearly shows that their use can lead to a host of behavioral, interpersonal, and mood issues for people of all ages. If you are reading this, you likely have a young child or adolescent. I have some bad news for you—for young children in particular, screen-time has been shown to have negative effects on sleep (which can also negatively impact mood and lead to behavioral issues), social interaction and learning, executive functioning (e.g., self-regulation and working… Continue Reading

Posted by Robyn Matlon on May 1, 2017

Making Room for Baby Number Two! 6 Tips to Help Your Toddler

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Once the excitement of pregnancy with your second baby wears off and reality sets in with the baby’s birth, you may find yourself understandably anxious to help your toddler adjust to their growing family. It’s helpful to remember that no matter how “prepared” they are, toddlers can be expected to have some anxiety about the changing family dynamics. When a new sibling arrives home some toddlers are excited; others ignore the new baby, mom or dad; and some even appear oblivious. Your toddler is suddenly hearing “just a minute” more than usual: “Just a minute—I have to feed/change/calm the baby.”… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on February 21, 2017

Helping Kids Adjust during Separation and Divorce

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Helping Kids Adjust during Separation and Divorce Time and again, research suggests that parental conflict is a strong predictor of how children will do following parental separation and divorce. Parents’ ability to cooperatively co-parent without exposing their children to ongoing conflict can provide a critical foundation for healthy adjustment. Conversely, parents who remain hostile toward one another and continue to openly battle are likely to pave the way for their children’s maladjustment. This makes sense, right? It’s a big transition to have two homes and less time with both parents. Children who must also face ongoing fighting and conflict between… Continue Reading

Posted by Kathleen O’Connor on February 16, 2017

Parents Place Partners with AltSchool to Help Kids Succeed in School and Life

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For James, 7, making friends didn’t come easily. He had a hard time sitting still. He was impulsive and would often blurt things out in class. He had trouble starting conversations with his classmates and he struggled with sharing and taking turns on the playground equipment. Fortunately, James’s first-grade class is one of the happy participants of social skills groups facilitated by Parents Place. James’ teacher started him in the group and within a  few months he was coming out of his shell, engaging more with his peers and, to his surprise, he even made a friend. Soon the two… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on December 21, 2016

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