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6 Habits that Help Your Kids Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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Sleep is vital for children’s bodies and brains. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the younger we are, the more sleep we need. Newborns typically need 14 – 17 hours sleep, while young adults usually need 7 – 9 hours sleep. What happens when we don’t get enough sleep? We have trouble concentrating and learning. We’re less likely to fend off illness and stress. We’re more likely to make poor food choices, behave erratically, and drive in an unsafe manner. Learn how much sleep children need at each age. Try these 6 habits to help the children and teens in your life… Continue Reading

Posted by Susan Sachs Lipman on June 21, 2016

Getting Your Baby to Sleep through the Night

Birth - First Year

Question:  My first child didn’t sleep through the night until he was two.  How can I prevent two years of long, sleepless nights with my second baby? Answer from Cherie Tannenbaum, NP, IBCLC: Feeding and rocking a baby to sleep is one of the most pleasurable experiences of early parenthood. Indeed, snuggling and rocking our babies is calming for both baby and parent! During the first few of months of a baby’s life, a parent’s sleep pattern can be fractured and irregular. We often refer to our parenting style during this time as being in “survival mode.” In other words,… Continue Reading

Posted by Cherie Tannenbaum on June 8, 2015

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