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Last weekend was my son’s first middle school dance. He came home from school at the beginning of the week excited at the prospect of attending the dance. He thought about what he was going to wear and bought his ticket. The night of the dance, I heard the blow dryer going and my son, who generally doesn’t care about such things, made sure he smelled good.  He asked for money so he could buy himself and his friend’s snacks at the dance. I drove him to the dance and walked behind him as he ran into one of his… Continue Reading

Posted by Mimi Ezray on January 28, 2013

The Energy and Enthusiasm of Preschool Boys!

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Boy play is noisy, boisterous, physical, aggressive, and spontaneous in nature. Dads** understand this play and may intuitively provide these outlets for their rough-and-tumble kids. Research (Lamb, 2000) shows that moms are associated with food, comfort, security, and love, while dads are associated with fun, excitement, and play.  Children need exposure to both types of adult interactions. However, most preschool environments favor women’s interaction styles, verbal and literacy activities, and socio-dramatic play.     At around 3 ½ years old, most boys begin to gravitate towards superhero play. They explore power in multiple ways: externally (I can fly like Superman,… Continue Reading

Posted by Heidi Emberling on December 3, 2012

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