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In Praise of Praise

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As a family, we have always been committed to eating dinner together.  Even if someone has to run off to an evening commitment and we only have 30 minutes or less, we do everything we can to make it work.  Research has shown that eating dinner together has a positive impact on your children … even if they appear to have little to say.  The action itself speaks volumes. During many of our dinnertime check-ins, the conversation used to go as follows. Parent: “What did you do at school today?” Child: “Nothing.” Parent: “Who did you hang out with at… Continue Reading

Posted by Mimi Ezray on February 25, 2013

Embracing Life’s Little Victories

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Last weekend was my son’s first middle school dance. He came home from school at the beginning of the week excited at the prospect of attending the dance. He thought about what he was going to wear and bought his ticket. The night of the dance, I heard the blow dryer going and my son, who generally doesn’t care about such things, made sure he smelled good.  He asked for money so he could buy himself and his friend’s snacks at the dance. I drove him to the dance and walked behind him as he ran into one of his… Continue Reading

Posted by Mimi Ezray on January 28, 2013

Communication Skills Girls Need: Being Direct

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At a recent workshop I did with 7th grade students, I was struck by how difficult it is for girls to communicate directly with each other about hurt and angry feelings, and how often this indirectness contributes to the problems that erupt between them.  The girls in the workshop relayed story after story about how when angry at or hurt by another girl, rather than express these feelings directly, they would exclude her from their next party, start a rumor about her, or talk to other friends about the problem.   When asked why they didn’t just say to the girl “I… Continue Reading

Posted by Holly Pedersen on December 10, 2012

Raising Your Daughter with a Positive Body Image

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Poor body image is epidemic among girls and women in this country: 94% of women report having a negative body image and wanting to change something about their bodies, and 98% think negatively about their bodies at least once a day. How you can ensure that your daughter has a healthy relationship with her body now and throughout her development? Role model:  How you feel about your body has direct impact on how your daughter will feel about hers. If you are constantly trying to change your body and expressing frustration, dislike, or criticism about your appearance, you are sending a… Continue Reading

Posted by Holly Pedersen on November 12, 2012

Childhood Anxiety: How to Know when It’s Time for Help

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We all have moments when we worry:  “How am I going to get everything done?”; “What if I said the wrong thing?”; “Did I turn off the stove?” the list can go on and on.  So how do we know when what you or a family member is experiencing is within the typical range of anxious behavior or when it has exceeded that?   While there is no “one size fits all” answer to that question, there are a number of things to help you evaluate whether additional help is warranted.   So how common is anxiety? According to the National Institute… Continue Reading

Posted by Mimi Ezray on October 1, 2012

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