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Summer Vacation and Sensory Processing Disorder

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In our ongoing series on summertime fun, we are pleased to offer the expertise of one of our Parents Place occupational therapists, who offers thoughtful recommendations to parents of children with sensory processing disorders: School is coming to an end, and summer is before us. It is a time for families to spend more unscheduled time together, which in many cases, involves travel. Traveling with a child who has sensitivities or a sensory processing disorder can prove quite challenging. The summer brings many changes for a child, including new routines, out-of-town company, groups of new kids, and different demands and… Continue Reading

Posted by Deanne Kelly on June 10, 2013

Sensory Processing…what is it?

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Sensory processing refers to the ways in which the brain receives, organizes, and responds to sensations to which it is exposed. These sensations include sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and movement. When the central nervous system ineffectively processes sensory information, it may result in difficulties in performing activities of daily life. Manifestations of sensory processing disorders include coordination problems, poor attention, and difficulties in focusing on tasks. In children, they may include poor handwriting skills or difficulty in getting dressed, eating, or bathing. Other possible signs are problems in transitioning to or regulating sleep. Your first experience with sensory processing disorders may be with your “colicky”… Continue Reading

Posted by Deanne Kelly on January 7, 2013

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