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It’s Time to Plan for Summer Camps! 5 Lessons Learned from a Summer Camp Veteran

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For all of you parents who need to figure out what your children will be doing when school is out in June, here is some wisdom about scheduling summer camps from Parents Place’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Elina Koretsky. Lesson #1: Register for the most popular camps in January. Yes, as crazy as it may seem, there are some wonderful camps that fill up almost as soon as registration opens. If you are hoping to fill a couple weeks of your child’s summer with a popular day or sleep-away camp, now is the time to get organized. Also, some camps offer… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on January 17, 2018

Happy Hanukkah! It’s Time to Rededicate Your Family to the Practice of Giving and Gratitude

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Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights, and while only some of us here at Parents Place are Jewish, we love lighting the menorah because it is an especially delightful celebration with children, and because Parents Place is a program of Jewish Family and Children’s Services. The miracle of Hanukkah celebrates one night’s worth of oil bringing light for eight nights—as well as an ancient victory by the Maccabees over the Greek army and the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem. This is a special time of year to build meaningful traditions with your family and create deeper, richer connections… Continue Reading

Posted by Bonnie Romanow on December 12, 2017

Is Our Family Ready for a Pet?

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Before you spontaneously head off the SPCA or Humane Society with your kids, consider taking some time to think through the decision to take on another family member. Pets need much more than just food and water, and it is important to consider whether your family is totally prepared or if your children can truly be responsible for helping with a pet. Animals (ranging from hamsters to dogs) need regular veterinary check-ups, plenty of space, exercise, and lots of love and attention. Many compare bringing home a pet to having a baby—in the sense that it will take up your… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on August 4, 2017

Prepare for a Safe Summer: 4 Tips for Kids to Handle Predators and Risky Situations

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Ahhh, the carefree days of summer … the word summer still conjures up a great number of positive associations for me, as I hope it does for you. As a child summer meant barbeques, long days at the beach or pool, and nights spent biking around with friends (after dinner!) because it was still light out. But, if you’re a parent, it is unlikely that your summer days are carefree. Summer has become a crazy balancing act of keeping your kids entertained and safe 24/7, all while trying to keep up with the regular demands of your work and home… Continue Reading

Posted by Robyn Matlon on June 19, 2017

5 Ways to Help Your Family Transition to Summer

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For many families, June is a mixed bag. The routines of the school year, and the rounds of year-end celebrations and rituals, suddenly give way to summer, which, with its promises of freedom and leisure, can create a new kind of stress. That stress is most keenly felt by working parents, parents on a budget, over-scheduled families, and families with children who need extra time to adjust to summer’s new routines. Here are five ways to ease your family’s transition to summer. 1. Discuss your child’s feelings. Some kids feel confused or dismayed about the passage of time, and this can… Continue Reading

Posted by Susan Sachs Lipman on June 6, 2017

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