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The Struggle for Control: Who’s in Charge Here?

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Do you have a master negotiator at home—a child who likes to control every conversation and/or changes the rules to suit his needs?  If so, you may be stuck in the cycle of frequent, exhausting parent-child power struggles.  Kids who crave control may fight parents on everything: daily routines, food choices, play dates, and more.  They may be rigid thinkers who expect that everyone will conform to their rules, ideas, and plans.  If you give such children a choice between A and B, they will most likely choose option C. They can be quite creative, intense, and persistent!   Socially,… Continue Reading

Posted by Heidi Emberling on October 23, 2012

PAMP interviews Parents Place about tantrums

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“Ask the Expert” Question and Answer: Article for PAMP 08-12 Question: Our 3-year-old just started preschool this week. His teachers tell us that he’s doing great and he really seems to like it… but when he’s home with us, it’s a nuclear melt down a couple times a day! Clearly this is a really hard transition for him, I don’t want to indulge his tantrums, but I also want to be sensitive and emotionally supportive. What can we do? Answer: Starting preschool is a very exciting and important milestone for any 3 –year-old.  It is very common for the first… Continue Reading

Posted by Stephanie Agnew on September 4, 2012

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