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Doesn’t My Child Care?

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Jill, a Sonoma County parent, was deeply distressed when her 9-year-old came home from school and told her that a classmate’s mother had died.

Posted by Admin on May 27, 2014

Five Common Misunderstandings, Fears, and Facts about ADHD

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#1 My child’s 2nd grade teacher diagnosed him with ADHD. Fact: Teachers are incredible sources of valuable information about children’s socioemotional and behavioral functioning throughout the day. However, only qualified health care professionals (i.e. psychologists, psychiatrists and other physicians, and licensed clinical social workers) can accurately diagnose ADHD. It is possible that his teacher is correct, but it is best practice to contact a qualified professional who is specially trained in assessing and diagnosing ADHD. This is because there are varieties of other physical and emotional disorders—including hypoglycemia, anemia, and anxiety—that can share similar symptoms with ADHD. #2 My child… Continue Reading

Posted by Ellie Pelc on May 19, 2014

Don’t “Just Say No”

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“No” is a powerful and useful word that can help keep you and your children safe, comfortable, healthy, and responsible. But it’s also a word that often leads to hurt feelings, conflict, and other complications. That’s because when others hear the word “no,” it often means they aren’t going to get something they want. Youngsters don’t like “no.” Q: “Mom, can I have a playdate? “ A: “No” (The message may be understood as “she’s doesn’t care” or “that’s not fair.”) Adults don’t like “no.” Q: “Son, did you brush your teeth as I asked?” A: “No” (The message may… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on March 4, 2014

Is That Me Yelling?

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Parents, you are not alone! If you find yourself yelling at your kids most days, it’s time to understand more about why you yell and what to do about it. Maybe you were raised by a yeller, and you can’t seem to kick the habit of letting your feelings spill out and land on your kids. Or perhaps you’re stressed and have temporarily misplaced your compassion, kindness, and gratitude. Or you may be raising a spirited child, who is destined to be an entrepreneur or lawyer, but is not so good at remembering to follow the family rules. Yelling happens… Continue Reading

Posted by Rona Renner on January 27, 2014

Celebrating the Seasons Helps Promote Family Bonding

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The changing seasons provide us with special opportunities to create lifelong family memories while allowing us to slow our fast-paced lives and honor the turning of the year. Celebrating each unique season can lend us perspective and put us in greater touch with the natural world and its rhythms. Throughout history and cultures, seasonal celebrations have afforded opportunities for families and communities to get together, to celebrate one another, to offer blessings, and to acknowledge inevitable outward and inward change. My family honors the changing seasons in a number of ways. We join people around the world in celebrating the… Continue Reading

Posted by Susan Sachs Lipman on October 7, 2013

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