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Making Room for Baby Number Two! 6 Tips to Help Your Toddler

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Once the excitement of pregnancy with your second baby wears off and reality sets in with the baby’s birth, you may find yourself understandably anxious to help your toddler adjust to their growing family. It’s helpful to remember that no matter how “prepared” they are, toddlers can be expected to have some anxiety about the changing family dynamics. When a new sibling arrives home some toddlers are excited; others ignore the new baby, mom or dad; and some even appear oblivious. Your toddler is suddenly hearing “just a minute” more than usual: “Just a minute—I have to feed/change/calm the baby.”… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on February 21, 2017

Breastfeeding in the First Few Days

Birth - First Year

Breastfeeding an infant in the first few days after birth can be a challenge. For a first time parent, there is nothing quite as disorienting as arriving home from the hospital with a newborn and no instruction manual. The conflicting advice from well-meaning family, friends and professionals abounds: Never wake a sleeping baby! Wake the baby to feed! Don’t give the baby formula! Give the baby formula! Breastfeeding is always painful in the beginning! Breastfeeding should not be painful! And on and on. . . So, what are new parents to do when the nurses, lactation consultants, pediatricians and family… Continue Reading

Posted by Cherie Tannenbaum on July 26, 2016

Anxiety After Baby: Do You Have It?

Birth - First Year

What if you’re a new mom and instead of feeling exhilarated, you find yourself feeling very anxious, sad, irritable or lonely? What if you feel guilty for being a “bad mom,” as you find yourself not living up to what seems like everyone else’s “baby bliss?” Many new parents are surprised to learn that at least 1 in 7 women experience a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD), which we now know may encompass more than “post-partum depression.” In fact, excessive anxiety is just as debilitating as depression and these symptoms can begin as early as the first trimester of… Continue Reading

Posted by Cherie Tannenbaum on April 11, 2016

How to Stop Breastfeeding Issues before They Start

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Breastfeeding horror stories—about pain, milk supply issues, or the baby not gaining enough weight— abound, but they make me sad because most frequently they are preventable. That’s why my number one piece of advice to new moms is to line up your resources (a Board Certified Lactation Consultant) before your baby is born and get help as soon as there’s even a hint of an issue. Here are some tips: Breastfeeding should not hurt! No matter what anyone tells you, breastfeeding only hurts if something is wrong and can often be fixed by a simple change in position or help… Continue Reading

Posted by Cherie Tannenbaum on September 8, 2015

Getting Your Baby to Sleep through the Night

Birth - First Year

Question:  My first child didn’t sleep through the night until he was two.  How can I prevent two years of long, sleepless nights with my second baby? Answer from Cherie Tannenbaum, NP, IBCLC: Feeding and rocking a baby to sleep is one of the most pleasurable experiences of early parenthood. Indeed, snuggling and rocking our babies is calming for both baby and parent! During the first few of months of a baby’s life, a parent’s sleep pattern can be fractured and irregular. We often refer to our parenting style during this time as being in “survival mode.” In other words,… Continue Reading

Posted by Cherie Tannenbaum on June 8, 2015

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