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Announcing New Post-Adoptive Parenting Support Group!


Parenting is notoriously deemed both one of the toughest and the most important jobs. For families created through adoption, a range of unique challenges frequently arise throughout a child’s identity development. Whether you find yourself puzzled with how to answer your child’s questions about adoption or understand how your child’s behaviors may connect to their adoption, it can feel overwhelming and isolating without a community that truly understands. “Many parents say that their greatest source of help comes from getting together with some other people who are doing similar parenting,” according to Deborah Gray in her book, Attaching in Adoption…. Continue Reading

Posted by Ellie Pelc on December 27, 2017

11 Tips for Handling Your Child’s Anger

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“Do not teach your children never to be angry. Teach them how to be angry.” Wise words from theologian and author, Lyman Abbott (1835-1922) How do we as parents support our child’s difficult feelings of anger while also taking care of ourselves? Author, mom, and parenting coach, Barbara Joy, has some great tips! Validate and help your child name their feelings: “I can see how angry you are. Would you like to tell me about it? Or, “You’re angry because …”  Reflect what you think your child is feeling. Help to set boundaries around inappropriate expressions of anger, and explain appropriate… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on February 6, 2017

Becoming a Family


November is National Adoption Month. Let’s all take a few minutes to educate ourselves better about adoption. Your baby looks just like you!! We know you mean well, but really, we are not as beautiful as our little fellow. He makes our family look beautiful. Where is his real mother?? Seriously, we are all “real.” None of us is playing house here. My son has two mothers, the one who birthed him and the one who is raising him. Trust me, we are both as real as can be. You still keep in touch with the birth family? Why?—Did you… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on December 11, 2014

The Rights of Children: “Born to be Wild”

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Whenever I see a group of children tear across Crissy Field or the beach, it makes me stop and watch with pure delight. To be free with their able bodies—testing speed and agility, laughing out loud, uninhibited, and wild—speaks to their innate need to move at will. Children, as we do, need to connect with the natural world and be part of it. Sadly, such scenarios are becoming rarer for many American children. Over the last 20 years, I have seen a sharp decline in unstructured downtime for children. At a recent pediatric update conference, one presenter spoke about the amount… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on November 24, 2014



Parents Place celebrates National AdoptionMonth with this moving story. Walking slowly into a dimly lit foster home bedroom to meet her for the first time, I noticed a faint smell of mold typical of older homes. My eyes took a moment to get used to the darkness. The drawn, thick curtains seemed to deny the bright, sunny day outside.  “Why are so many foster homes dark?” I muttered to myself. The foster mother pointed “she’s in there” and walked away.  Seated at the edge of a perfectly made bed, was a thin, bent over blond 8-year-old girl who picked at… Continue Reading

Posted by Frances Balin Petzel on November 26, 2012

We face this pandemic together

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