The Energy and Enthusiasm of Preschool Boys!

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Boy play is noisy, boisterous, physical, aggressive, and spontaneous in nature. Dads** understand this play and may intuitively provide these outlets for their rough-and-tumble kids. Research (Lamb, 2000) shows that moms are associated with food, comfort, security, and love, while dads are associated with fun, excitement, and play.  Children need exposure to both types of adult interactions. However, most preschool environments favor women’s interaction styles, verbal and literacy activities, and socio-dramatic play.     At around 3 ½ years old, most boys begin to gravitate towards superhero play. They explore power in multiple ways: externally (I can fly like Superman,… Continue Reading

Posted by Heidi Emberling on December 3, 2012



Parents Place celebrates National AdoptionMonth with this moving story. Walking slowly into a dimly lit foster home bedroom to meet her for the first time, I noticed a faint smell of mold typical of older homes. My eyes took a moment to get used to the darkness. The drawn, thick curtains seemed to deny the bright, sunny day outside.  “Why are so many foster homes dark?” I muttered to myself. The foster mother pointed “she’s in there” and walked away.  Seated at the edge of a perfectly made bed, was a thin, bent over blond 8-year-old girl who picked at… Continue Reading

Posted by Frances Balin Petzel on November 26, 2012

Begin with Gratitude

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Did you know the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude lives right here in Northern California? Not Berkeley, but good guess. Robert Emmons, Psychology Professor at UC Davis, has been studying the varying benefits and healing powers of gratitude for 11 years. In his book, Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier!, he highlights four reasons why gratitude has trans-formative effects on people’s lives. His conclusions can certainly benefit our day-to-day lives. I contend they apply perfectly to our role as parents as well. But before I begin, let me say: Don’t think for a minute I don’t understand or appreciate… Continue Reading

Posted by Tom Limbert on November 19, 2012

Raising Your Daughter with a Positive Body Image

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Poor body image is epidemic among girls and women in this country: 94% of women report having a negative body image and wanting to change something about their bodies, and 98% think negatively about their bodies at least once a day. How you can ensure that your daughter has a healthy relationship with her body now and throughout her development? Role model:  How you feel about your body has direct impact on how your daughter will feel about hers. If you are constantly trying to change your body and expressing frustration, dislike, or criticism about your appearance, you are sending a… Continue Reading

Posted by Holly Pedersen on November 12, 2012

Question and Answer on: Potty Training Readiness

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Question:  My daughter is 3.5 years old and has been daytime potty trained for about 9 months.  She is very vocal about wanting to be out of diapers at night, but rarely goes the whole night dry.  I want to support her desire, but am not sure the best way to do it.  She is a deep sleeper and had accidents the first couple of nights.  The last couple nights we have been waking her up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, which helps but I am not sure it’s going to “train” her to wake… Continue Reading

Posted by Karen Friedland-Brown on November 8, 2012

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