Are You a “Good Enough” Parent?

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What makes the job of being a parent so exhausting for so many of us? We love our children deeply, we cherish the connection and moments of joy that come from our special and unique families. Yet our children can push our buttons, frustrate us, and bring us to a level of anger that is often surprising and guilt producing. I believe much of this comes from our unrealistic expectations of ourselves and of our children. How do we better align our expectations with reality? This is a tall order! Here are some reminders that might help in those moments… Continue Reading

Posted by Karen Friedland-Brown on January 25, 2017

5 Ways You Can Help Your Kids Feel Safe in an Unsafe World

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Shootings in schools, movie theaters, and airports. War and terrorism. Car accidents, plane crashes, earthquakes … The list of horrible things that can happen is endless. And the fact that the world can be very dangerous is in stark contrast to one of our jobs as parents—to give our children safe space to explore the world and become independent individuals. But how do we do this when we can’t guarantee their safety all the time? And how do we respond to our kids when they’re frightened by the very real dangers of today’s world? Kids may respond to feeling unsafe… Continue Reading

Posted by Alyse Clayman on January 19, 2017

From Greed to Gratitude: The 6 Things You Can Do to Raise Kids Who Feel Empowered But Not Entitled

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Even with the holiday gift-giving frenzy behind us now, kids seem to have an insatiable appetite for stuff—the must-have toys, the most on-trend clothes, or the latest tech gadget. Maybe you give in because you want your kids to have the kinds of things that you missed out on as a kid. Or perhaps you feel ambivalent about setting limits. Or maybe you don’t want your kids to feel disappointment. We all want our children to be happy but constantly giving in can make it difficult to teach them what truly matters in life. If you’ve ever wondered, “How much… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on January 9, 2017

Five New Year’s NON-Resolutions for Parents of Young Children

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This year we challenge you to try something different. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, make some New Year’s NON-resolutions! Here are five ideas that release you from the stress and struggle of trying to become the perfect parent. I will NOT feel badly about missing a workout. Many of us make resolutions about getting in shape, and of course exercise is important, but life with young children is hard enough to manage without the added guilt of not finding time or energy to hit the gym. Discover the great outdoors (or an indoor ice rink) on the weekends and turn a… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on December 27, 2016

Parents Place Partners with AltSchool to Help Kids Succeed in School and Life

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For James, 7, making friends didn’t come easily. He had a hard time sitting still. He was impulsive and would often blurt things out in class. He had trouble starting conversations with his classmates and he struggled with sharing and taking turns on the playground equipment. Fortunately, James’s first-grade class is one of the happy participants of social skills groups facilitated by Parents Place. James’ teacher started him in the group and within a  few months he was coming out of his shell, engaging more with his peers and, to his surprise, he even made a friend. Soon the two… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on December 21, 2016

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