Happy Hanukkah! It’s Time to Rededicate Your Family to the Practice of Giving and Gratitude

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Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights, and while only some of us here at Parents Place are Jewish, we love lighting the menorah because it is an especially delightful celebration with children, and because Parents Place is a program of Jewish Family and Children’s Services. The miracle of Hanukkah celebrates one night’s worth of oil bringing light for eight nights—as well as an ancient victory by the Maccabees over the Greek army and the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem. This is a special time of year to build meaningful traditions with your family and create deeper, richer connections… Continue Reading

Posted by Bonnie Romanow on December 12, 2017

Being Grandparents

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It is so exciting to have a new grandchild, and of course all we want to do is help! We newly minted grandparents have “been there before,” because we raised a wonderful child (the new parent) and we have plenty of wisdom to share. It’s challenging for us new grandparents to watch our children, and now grandchildren, struggle when we’re pretty sure we know the solution. But the new parents need to find their own “parenting voices.” In the early days and weeks of being a grandparent, our job is to be grand (definition of grand: splendid or magnificent) parents… Continue Reading

Posted by Cherie Tannenbaum on December 1, 2017

5 Ways to Avoid Family Pitfalls This Holiday Season and Create the Connection You Want

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The holidays are upon us, and for many families that can mean fun, relaxation, time with beloved family and friends, but also stress, anxiety, pressure, disappointment, and irritable and exhausted kids! Holiday time often brings out the best—and the worst—in us parents, as well as in our children and all those around us. This can seem inevitable as we give up normal routines and structure, try to please and accommodate the needs of many people, put expectations on ourselves to create wonderful experiences and special memories, and sometimes travel long distances to be with those we love. It is possible… Continue Reading

Posted by Karen Friedland-Brown on November 20, 2017

The Hammer and the Marshmallow: When Parents Disagree on Discipline

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Difficult parenting moments are challenging for everyone, but when you and your partner disagree on how to manage them, it can make a bad situation worse. Knowing something about your own (and your partner’s) discipline style will help you navigate these everyday challenges more effectively. The See-Saw of Parenting Styles Are you a strict “my way or the highway” type of parent? Or are you a lenient “walk all over me” type of parent? Nobody really knows her own discipline preferences until faced with a complete meltdown in the middle of the grocery store. Do you buy the desired candy bar? Or do… Continue Reading

Posted by Heidi Emberling on November 1, 2017

3 Magic Phrases for Parents

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These encouraging words will work wonders on your kids. Knowing what to say to your children isn’t always easy—especially when you need to say something they don’t want to hear. It’s even more complicated when you are speaking to the people whose lives you have the most influence upon (not to mention when it feels like the entire grocery store checkout line is watching and listening intently). One book will tell you to say one thing, another will tell you to do the opposite. Both stances are backed up by research, so how do you know which is the right… Continue Reading

Posted by Tom Limbert on October 20, 2017

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