It’s Time to Plan for Summer Camps! 5 Lessons Learned from a Summer Camp Veteran

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For all of you parents who need to figure out what your children will be doing when school is out in June, here is some wisdom about scheduling summer camps from Parents Place’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Elina Koretsky. Lesson #1: Register for the most popular camps in January. Yes, as crazy as it may seem, there are some wonderful camps that fill up almost as soon as registration opens. If you are hoping to fill a couple weeks of your child’s summer with a popular day or sleep-away camp, now is the time to get organized. Also, some camps offer… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on January 17, 2018

8 Tips to Support Your Shy Child

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As a parent of a very shy child, I’ve worried that my daughter’s introverted personality will affect the way people see her, and might make them less likely to try to befriend her or engage with her. I worry others won’t see how amazing my kid is. It’s been a challenge to figure out how to best support my shy child in a society that celebrates outgoing, extroverted people. I sometimes feel judged as a parent when she refuses to respond to others’ questions or comments, or won’t make eye contact despite teaching her manners. It’s taken a lot of… Continue Reading

Posted by Alyse Clayman on January 2, 2018

Announcing New Post-Adoptive Parenting Support Group!


Parenting is notoriously deemed both one of the toughest and the most important jobs. For families created through adoption, a range of unique challenges frequently arise throughout a child’s identity development. Whether you find yourself puzzled with how to answer your child’s questions about adoption or understand how your child’s behaviors may connect to their adoption, it can feel overwhelming and isolating without a community that truly understands. “Many parents say that their greatest source of help comes from getting together with some other people who are doing similar parenting,” according to Deborah Gray in her book, Attaching in Adoption…. Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on December 27, 2017

6 Tips for a Mindful Grandparenthood

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As 2017 comes to a close, and I reflect on what I would like parents to think about, I am struck by the amazing cycle of life and family. My mother left this earth at the age of almost 94 only days after we discovered that my younger daughter and her husband were expecting twins. This news was a BIG surprise to us because we have no history of twins in our family, but the first thought that came to my mind as I was staying with my mother in her final days was, “I always knew it would take… Continue Reading

Posted by Stephanie Agnew on December 22, 2017

The Essential Rules for Getting Your Child a Phone

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With the holidays upon us, many families of older children are faced with the question of allowing them to have a smart phone or not. Middle schoolers argue that “everyone else has one,” while parents grow tired of being their child’s social coordinator. With endless phone upgrades available, many parents have old smartphones at home, which make it easy to introduce children to phones at an earlier age than might have been the case if a parent had to spend $500 to go buy a new one. While handing down your old phone may seem like an obvious answer, we… Continue Reading

Posted by Admin on December 15, 2017

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